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Upper cervical care in Canton MA is a very specific form of chiropractic that focuses on the proper alignment of the top two bones in the neck. This is a vital area of the spine due to the fact that the brain stem is protected by this area. The top two bones in the neck, called the atlas and the axis, are also the most freely moveable bones in the spine and are therefore the most vulnerable to misalignment.

Get Realigned With Upper Cervical Care in Canton MA

Misalignment of one of these top two bones can put pressure on the brain stem and affect the function of the body. The brain stem controls many vital and automatic functions in the body. Pain perception, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, sleep and body temperature regulation are all examples of things that are regulated by the brain stem. All of the nerves that travel to the rest of the body have to pass through these top two bones. Upper cervical chiropractors adjust the top two bones when necessary to return them to proper alignment so that the body can function optimally and without nerve interference.

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