Chiropractic Testimonials

"Chiropractic Care has enabled me to become active again. I have more range of motion and less physical limitations and feel younger."

- John

"Dr. Joel takes a programmatic, whole view to chiropractic - aiming for a path to overall wellness. He has helped me move from injury to getting back to normal activities and beyond, improving my overall health and function."

- Kelly

"I have been coming to Canton Dale for a long time. Dr. Joel is the best. When I first started I had a horrendous pain. After a few visits my pain began to go away and now it is completely gone. He is a miracle worker."

- Chris

"My whole family comes to this practice! We started when my youngest was an infant, and that was four years ago. We have experienced fewer than average ear infections, a reduction in colic, a reduction of headaches, increased body awareness (for the children) and overall fewer aches and pains. The Drs here are amazing!"

- Tanya

"Drs Joel and Kristen were very instrumental in restoring mobility back to my neck. I received treatment for four months and never thought I would feel this great again. The atmosphere was comfortable and enjoyable. I looked forward to every therapy session I had. I strongly recommend Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic, it has changed my well being."

- Matt R.

"I had such a wonderful experience at Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic. The office itself is so nice, the staff is friendly and personable, and Dr. Kristen and Dr. Joel are great! Both myself and my daughter saw Dr. Kristen regularly. I know many people are scared to take their child to see a chiropractor but I can assure you that after meeting Dr. Kristen I was put at ease. She is so kind and sweet and is very gentle in her technique. My regularly fussy daughter hardly made a peep while being adjusted. My daughter hardly slept at night and had reflux which is why I sought out chiropractic care. With 1 adjustment from Dr. Kristen, my daughter started sleeping regularly and I can now happily say that she sleeps 11 hours a night (she used to wake up every 20 minutes!). I also gained valuable knowledge about other underlining issues my daughter had, that were unbeknownst to me prior to seeing Dr Kristen! I had my initial consultation with Dr. Joel who opened my eyes to how my spine and posture were directly related to health issues I was having. I found that Dr. Kristen did such a good job at adjusting my spine and neck that I was finally feeling less tension and stress in my body. I know it sounds crazy but before getting adjusted on a regular basis, I had a constant neck pain that I just learned to live with. Some women spend money on purses or shoes; I spent my money on getting adjusted- and it was SO worth it. I now live too far from Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic, and am so sad that I moved away because I used to look forward to my weekly adjustments. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about chiropractic care to stop by their office. I am so glad I did! Thank you Dr. Kristen and Dr. Joel for taking such good care of my daughter and I! We miss you!"

- Andrea B.

"I ended up needing a chiropractor since I have tried all else to help my breach baby turn around. After extensive research I figured out that a chiropractor might be an answer. I solute a doctor that understands the mind-body connection and doesn’t treat just the visible part of the problem. My baby has turned around and it went right back to its original position – head up. I also had problems sleeping and finding a comfortable position, could not lay on my back, and one of my legs would numb out. Needless to mention that I was miserable! After just a few adjustments I have returned to sleeping in my bed (up until now I slept seated on the couch in the living room), the baby turned and stayed in the right position and after each adjustment I walk out… funny to say it… recharged.

Dr. Kristin and Dr. Joel are truly fulfilling their mission – to educate people about the wholeness of their being. I am thankful for having found them to help me return to normal and full functionality in my life!"

- Anne K.

*both Drs. Kristen and Joel note that chiropractic adjustments allow the body to function better through increased communication between the brain and the body which, during pregnancy, allow the pelvis to move freely and therefore allow the baby the opportunity to change positions if necessary.

"This is going to be brief because I never find time to actually write reviews (with 2 kids, self-employed, too much fun stuff to do) BUT.. I love them! Joel and Kristin are the best… knowledgeable, personable, they go out of their way for their patients, principled, very skilled as well as having a beautiful spacious, well equipped office. And they are adorable as well, a family business, they bring their dog in who knows the clients and their families make regular appearances either helping out or getting adjusted. I followed Joel there from a practice he was working at in Cambridge when I became pregnant and my S.I. (low back) was completely out of whack. They had set up their own place which was great for them but sad for me not to have someone reliable close by… so I drove about 45 min each way at least once a week for care there. Crazy I know but I wouldn’t have been able to walk, or sit, or lay for that matter without their skilled care. They have a pregnancy table which was awesome (every pregnant woman wants to be able to lay on her belly and this afforded me that). Also Joel is very precise and has much finesse when it comes to adjusting the neck.. something I do not trust just anyone to do.

They helped educate me on therapeutic things to try at home, passed on a wealth of info (some from their office library from which they let you take out books) on pregnancy, birth, child health issues. Even their bathroom was inspiring! (check out the posters) Joel then also recommended some great chiropractors that would be more local to me postnatally.

I’m truly grateful and much obliged to them, and miss them now that I’ve started seeing someone closer by!"

- Mike B.

"I just finished a fifteen week treatment of three days a week of chiro adjustment and traction and am very happy with results. My lower back pain is gone, but more important I have restored motion to my lower vertebra which was stuck. I had tried physical therapy a few times, but didn’t get much out of it due to limited movement. Now I am able to strengthen my ab muscles which has allowed me to be play hockey, do yard work, pick up kids…. without hurting myself. Definitely a good investment of time and money."

- Sue G.

"Doctors Joel and Kristen are the best in the business of spine and overall wellness. They have a new office with the brand new equipment and state of the art software and best of all they know what they are doing. I had chronic lower back and sciatic pain down my leg for years and have been to countless massage therapists, physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors so I know what I am talking about! As their patient (I think I was one of their first) they took a lot of time to get to know me and identify my problem which previously, no one had done or been able to do competently. Subsequently my pain went from chronic and debilitating to occasional, manageable, and most times, barely noticeable. My quality of life is immensely improved because of their treatment. Not to mention that they are great people who know all of their patients intimately. I can see that they really do care for each and every one of them. I can’t say enough about Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic. If you are living with back pain you owe it to yourself to at least visit them for a consult and see for yourself."

- Dave S.

"Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic is an innovative and comfortable treatment facility. For over 40 years I have had back pain. I tried physical therapy, surgery, different chiropractors and acupuncture seeking relief. In the month long series of treatments, and I am about 1/2 way through, I have finally found relief. My back and neck feel better, I am more flexible and free of pain killers. I would recommend the entire family visit Dr. Joel and Dr. Kristen they are not only pleasant people in a comfortable environment but the treatments work and work wonderfully well. I cannot say enough about them and Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic."

- Barbara B.

"I injured my neck last May, and had right shoulder pain and numbness down my right arm to my fingertips . I had an epidural steroid injection to the neck in September with fair results, but after 6-8 wks the pain and numbness was back. I was going to get another injection into my neck, but then decided to see Dr. Joel. I went for 12 treatments and I have been pain free since March. Totally pain free and no numbness. I am so happy with the care I received."

- Steven M.

"I have been going to Canton MA Dale since Feb of this year. I have been to several chiropractors over a 10 year period & have been treated for various back & neck pain with some relief but when I found Dr. Joel & Dr. Kristen they treated & cared for my whole body with a very proactive treatment program including laser treatments & traction. They don’t just treat the symptoms they treat the root of the problem with a very precise evaluation through x-rays & physical exam. They are extremely dedicated to all their patients no matter how they can pay. I had no insurance & they set very reasonable rates that I could afford. I give with confidence my recommendation to all I see in need of chiropractic."

- Jeremy S.

"Drs. Joel and Kristen provide excellent care. I have been seeing them for many months and I remain pain free. They provide a thorough initial evaluation and plan an individualized treatment program. Since going to Canton Dale Chiropractic, I have been pain free. I recommend Drs. Joel and Kristen to anyone seeking chiropractic care."

- Matt H.

"I recently began seeing the doctors at Canton MA Canton MA Dale chiropractic. A good friend of mine told me about them and boy do I owe them a free dinner! I have been dealing with chronic pain for years, mainly due to sport injuries and trauma that I have experienced in my life. I have seen medical professionals for years and basically I was told that it is something I have to deal with… take this med, or have this surgery. These Doctors have a completely different approach. They actually listen to you, they spend QUALITY time with you. I have never felt like I was being rushed. I have been so thrilled with the results that I keep talking more and more and then I end up apologizing for taking up too much of their time! Their mission is to help people feel their best and they take so much pride in that. They are down to earth, super professional, and so nice! I had a thumb injury that I was dealing with for about 2 months that taking pain meds for and it had no improvement whatsoever. I was about to schedule a surgery. They asked me to allow them to work on it before I went forward with it. I thought what are you going to do for my thumb. Well in about two weeks I found out. My thumb was back to normal and I have had no issues whatsoever since. Not only have they eased my chronic back pain. They also have resolved a nagging hip issue, an annoying shoulder/rotator cuff issue and also my neck pain. My wife always has chronic headaches, as well as bad allergies and she has been seeing them recently and all over her symptoms have improved as well! I can not recommend this business enough! Absolutely phenomenal. I have recommended numerous family members and friends and they all have the same experience. Which is very important to me…. I truthfully feel as good as I have felt in about ten years. I may not look the same haha but I feel MUCH! better. I once was talking about my dog and how I felt so bad because he was going through some hip problems and they said bring him in, and I did and they adjusted him! Obviously, he can’t tell me he is feeling better, but for all you dog owners out there, you know, they tell you."

- M.B.

"Dr. Joel and Dr. Kristen have just opened Canton MA Canton Dale Chiropractic in on Route 138. I had been seeing a chiropractor in the city in which we previously lived who has a particular evidence-based approach that benefited me greatly. I asked him to find me someone with the same skills and orientation, and Drs. Joel and Kristen were his suggestion. I went in for an initial evaluation and have had several corrections. Their office is in a strip mall and though it is as you might expect on the outside, it is well appointed inside and nicely set up for patient privacy. I worked with Dr. Joel and he was truly effective, as well as being a lovely, kind guy with a fine bedside manner. Be aware that as of this writing (August 2010) they have just opened their practice so you will not find it terribly crowded at this point–they are well trained, skilled in evidence-based techniques, and are responsive, flexible, and available. The practice will grow! I intend to go back to them as needed, even though I have to travel a good bit to get to their office."


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