Have You Vertebrae? Then Preserve Them By Getting Adjusted!

Have You Vertebrae In Canton MA?
Then Preserve Them By Getting Adjusted!

We have a simple goal here at Canton Dale Chiropractic… to teach everyone about the interconnectedness between the spine, nervous system, and health in Canton MA so that people are free to live THE HEALTHIEST LIFE POSSIBLE! As the brain and nervous system coordinate the functioning of every system in the body, it seems logical that it is something that we would want to function at 100%. How does the health of the spine affect the health of the nervous system? The same way an ice dam in the roof gutter affects the health of your home once the snow starts to melt…as the blockage grows, the water overflows. In a similar light, the spine bones form a hollow channel through which the spinal cord travels after it exits the brain…a cord made of individual nerve fibers which carry messages to and from the body part at the end of the line. These messages are controlling the tension of our muscles, the size of our lung air passages, the diameter of our blood vessels…they are even determining how well we are able to fend off germs! It is not so easy for these messages to arrive at their final destination, as the nerves must pass through a series of twists and turns as they travel through the spine's bony channels. When the bones of the spine lose their alignment, the channels close and the nerves suffer. A message relayer must be fast, efficient, and have clear routes of passage for supreme performance, and when spinal misalignments, or subluxations, block the nerve passages even ever-so-slightly, the body will be functioning at sub-optimal levels. If the blockages remain for a long enough time, symptoms such as pain start to develop and, if they persist, usually prompt us into taking some sort of action so we don't have to deal with them anymore. However, at this point, the subluxations (ice dams) are now preventing the nerve from diligently sending information between the brain and the body, and a great deal of metaphorical clean-up work must be done by the body to get the passages open for transit again.

Spinal Health Helps Overall Health in Canton MA

Unfortunately, at this point tends to be that time of desperation leading up to the phone call into our office …when the discomfort has increased to the point of "it's not going away on it's own I want to try something different that works NOW". Not the best strategy when you are talking about a structure that determines your state of health, right? How about the teeth? Sure, they are important for chewing up food and biting off hangnails, but why is it that we have been programmed to care for them day in and day out regardless of the presence of tooth pain? No one waits around until the tooth ache strikes in the night before rifling through the bathroom drawers for an old toothbrush, right? We have highly advanced tools now to take care of our teeth, and they sure aren't reserved for bleeding gum days only. Why do we reach for these gadgets reflexively as opposed to reactively, understanding that pain shouldn't serve as a motivating factor in our decision to brush and floss? Why is it so different when it comes to the health of our spine?

Education, education, education…which brings us back to our mission to educate people about chiropractic care so that the link between the spine and health is clear, and that the act of caring for the spine through regular adjustments becomes a routine occurrence for all family members as opposed to a special activity reserved for those with neck and back pain only.

At one time, the dental industry faced a task similar to the one that chiropractors are faced with, that of breaking the connection between the origin of a problem and the onset of pain. Over the years, the American Dental Association (and tooth care companies with a little something to gain from an increased public interest in dental hygiene) succeeded in communicating their message to the public that teeth and gum health depend on routine brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups NO MATTER WHAT! They made it clear that the teeth were to be cared for regardless of tooth pain, gum sensitivity, cavities, no cavities…they were able to break the connection between symptoms and the need for routine care. After years of infiltrating mainstream media and classrooms of schoolchildren around the country, this concept is widely accepted.

We chiropractors, on the other hand, are still trudging through the initial phases of the education campaign regarding the importance of spinal care. The spine, a structure that dictates the function of the entire body through its relationship with the brain and central nervous system, only receives attention when there is a problem! Our national chiropractic associations do not have the financial support of enormous corporations who stand to directly profit from people becoming healthier. As a result, public education regarding the spine and health is lacking, and people are largely unaware of the "hidden gem" of chiropractic…that when the spine's channels are open, a greater potential for health exists.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pressure on the nerves resulting from subluxations in the spine. Adjustments open up the nerve channels, allowing for better communication between the brain and the body which allows the body to function as its best. At the end of the day, everyone will be better off with a healthy nervous system, so come on down with your families in tow to have your spines checked!


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